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Be Seen.

Get Noticed - Make an Impression - Get A Response

Traditional marketing, media and public relations tactics are no longer enough. Today there is a changing dynamic that requires marketer's to allow their customers and prospects to connect with them on their own terms. It requires execution of a whole new set of marketing strategies and tools to make sure you are visible and stand out from the crowd.


Be Heard.

Join The Conversation and Become A Thought Leader In Your Community

Getting your message heard now requires more than just being louder than everyone else - it requires you to turn up the volume in a different way; amplified communications; the right message presented in a way that allows your audience to relate, understand and respond.


Get Amplified.

Turn Up The Volume and Achieve Amplified Results

Amplification is quite literally the process of increasing the strength of a signal so that it can be easily received and understood. It’s a good analogy for how we turn up the volume by helping our clients’ optimize their digital marketing and online media and PR strategies and campaigns to help them achieve amplified results.


Welcome To Maddox Marketing Group

Digital Marketing and Online Media & PR Specialists

Maddox Marketing Group is in the business of delivering amplified results. We are experienced digital marketing and online media and PR specialists that help clients integrate and execute the tools and techniques they need to increase revenue by increasing traffic, leads, sales and continued growth over time. Our capabilities include digital branding, optimized website development, online advertising and PR, social media marketing and search engine marketing (SEM/SEO) services. From our office and studio in Northeastern Ohio we serve clients throughout the Midwest.

If you are ready for your marketing efforts and investment to achieve amplified results, you're in the right place.

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